EximPe digitises workflows for exporters and importers to do cross border payments, compliances and finance

Making Cross Border Payments

Making Cross Border Payments

We help the Indian SME Exporter Importer digitize processes, payments and scale without limits


EximPe digitises workflows for exporters and importers to do cross border payments, compliances and finance

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The only EXIM tech platform you will need

Manage  sellers, buyers, processes, payments and finance

Business First

Manage your sellers and buyers better. Be on top of your orders. Digitize your supply chain

Outcome Driven

Empower your business with modern software to eliminate legacy processes and solve your real problems

Cashflow focus

Payments in a jiffy. Never pay unnecessary commissions and charges. Smart risk management tools to protect your profits

Next Level Features for your future-ready EXIM Business

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Manage your orders

The Orderbook gives you a snapshot of your orders and lets you easily complete trade related processes, compliance and regulatory requirements online.

Store all your trade related documents in one place. Find any document you’ve ever uploaded in seconds.

Regularisation of Bill of Entries and Shipping Bills online

Request issuance of Bank Guarantee, Certificate of Origin etc and track status

Send and Receive money at the best exchange rates

Completely paperless and online process for both inward and outward remittances.

Best FX Rates Guaranteed. We offer very competitive rates over IBR.

Quick SWIFT generation and settlement. Our dedicated account manager will assist you along the way

Completely online. Entire documentation and transaction initiation can be done right from the app.

Backed by a large network of correspondent banks, you get great coverage across the globe

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Support when you need it

Our team of experts can help you with all your trade related queries and helps ensure that your trade orders are compliant and profitable

Dedicated Account Manager

On Call/Chat/Whatsapp Support




Order Management for the 21st century

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Faster and Cheaper transactions



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Save time and





Trade finance at your fingertips



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1 Million+ 

Indian SME EXIM's to be digitized






Transaction Volume




Secure and Compliant


99.99% Uptime: Get close-to-zero maintenance downtime on your EximPe account

Regulated Partners: Your EximPe account is hosted by our partner bank,an RBI-licensed AD1 bank and follows all security standards prescribed by the partner bank, in accordance with RBI regulations

2FA: 2 Factor Authentication for Login and Transactions. Authenticate every outgoing transaction with OTP via SMS.

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Change the way you manage your EXIM business

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