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International Remittance Services

The easiest way to send money around the world

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Why EximPe?

Outward Money Transfer in 4 simple steps!
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Save 40% - 60% vs Traditional Remittance Partners. We provide international remittance services so your funds always arrive at the proper exchange rate and with 0% transaction fees


Key Features



You can transfer money within minutes using our platform. With us, send money overseas as easily as sending an email!


Book Rates Online Instantly During Market Hours. Get complete transparency by booking a rate online during market hours at a suitable exchange rate. Real-time transaction updates in a fully automated process


On-Demand Assistance

Dedicated specialists are available to answer questions and provide assistance to ensure accurate and stress-free remittance.

Types of remittances we currently offer


Remittances to universities or the student's account for educational purposes.

Emigrations & VISA

Remittances for the purpose of employment, employment processing fees, emigration/emigration consultancy fees, skills/credential assessment fees for intending migrants.

MICE events & business travel

Fee for participation in global conferences, specialised training, international events, and competitions.

Leisure & personal travel

Remittances by tour operators/travel agents to overseas agents/hotels, etc.


Medical treatment abroad, Film shooting, and more.

Change the way you receive your foreign collections

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