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Foreign Collections made Easy

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Multi Currency Virtual Accounts

Get Local Virtual Currency accounts in your name in US, UK, Europe and Canada. Receive money in any of the 30+ currencies without the high collection costs. Share local account details with your clients to get paid.

Create your Multi Currency account with absolute ease

Completely RBI and regulatory compliant

​Accounts will be issued in the name of Company / Individual

Make your collections


Buyers can make payments
using local payment Methods
to improve acceptance rates


Savings of up to 60% on FX Conversion compared to other methods


Receive your money in India within a day.

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Stop losing money on FX collections

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Secure & Compliant


Your data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication. Two factor authentication is enabled on your account for added security


RBI Compliant. Backed by AD1 banks. Eximpe provide FIRC to next day, which you can provide your bank to get E-FIRC or E-BRC to apply for incentives.


Eximpe uses end to end encryption and strong data protection compliance to keep your account and data safe. We are audited by CERT-IN empanelled auditors

Change the way you receive your foreign collections

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