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Start Saving up to 70% on FX Margins today

Send and Receive Payments for International Trade

Free Global Current Account powered by top Indian Banks

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Your digital trade companion

A global trade account with enhanced FX functionality

Open and Manage Online

Get Started in under 10 minutes



Send & recieve in USD, EUR, GPB & more via SWIFT Network

Save 70% on

FX Conversion

Transparent FX conversion and lowest charges. Savings on every transaction


Automate invoice payments & bank transfers.


Our Investors are from

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and distinguished angels from

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Our Customers love us

M M Huzeifa,
Ball bearings exporter

I am a small merchant that exports machinery; I save over Rs 15,000 per month thanks to the best rates I find on EximPe

Earlier, my entire trade business was manual and paper-based. Thanks to EximPe, I conduct all of my cross-border transactions while sitting in the comfort of my office and save 8-10 hours/month

My previous bank was overcharging me for every transaction. The rates I get on EximPe helps me save on each transaction

Manohar Jain,
Raj Metals

Prime Innovations

Change the way you manage your EXIM business

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